What Is Search?

What Is Search


What is Search – Removing ambivalence about offers.
In the crush of coupons rousing more revenue some offers are passed up – why?

At some point you look at the Grateful Dead and think, wow what a great marketing machine even before the internet was even a word. Even before the word “fax” was a verb.

The obvious question why, while the obvious answer is they gave their audience what they wanted – a good time that was relevant.  Years later it still works, although varied a bit, those long concerts have turned into loyalty programs and other customer appreciation programs from award mileage to stamps when you buy a hamburger.

Find what drives your customer loyalty. For some it may be the voice that greets them on the phone, for others it may be the easy billing process. Whatever may be the catalyst, you need to find it and expand on it’s premise. In the end, it’s not about how many concerts you play but how long you boogied.