Keep Doing What Works

The world is moving through shock after-shock, new shock and it’s becoming frequent. I am not sure we’re all adjusting but one result is for sure, it’s harder to be seen within what is quickly becoming the “white noise” of news and advertising. We get knocked by the media all the time. Watch screen-in-screen and expand an ever increasing appetite for media through several devices. When we are bored or even think we want to be bored we watch our little screens. Head to YouTube, stop in at Facebook and Tweet a little and a little there.

So it seems to me standing out is a little harder but forces you get more creative. I recently talked to a client about changing their deals. They have always given one extra widget, or 25% off the whole widget supply. We talked about changing it up completely and there was a sincere interest and agreed to head in that direction.

My own opinion is keep those deals changing. It’s eye candy. When we want to feel good, we shop. We don’t want to see the same old deals. Give me something new every day, every week, every month, whatever. Keep it new. It is the freshness of the campaign, the newness that sparks interest. Too many times we find ourselves getting sedate with advertising. That same old campaign produces results but hey, nothing monumental. Without some experimentation there is no way to know if you can squeeze the numbers and get a little more action.>

Think out of the box. Things change. What were normal internet techiques five years ago are dead. Think new, beyond the box.

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