Bing will bong Google in 2012?

Microsoft’s Bing to gain ground against Google in 2012

Google delivers most of the search out and doing a great job. Recently numbers are showing
“Bing recently became the second most popular search site on the Internet, but is still far behind to Google. Here are three reasons Bing will narrow that gap in 2012.
Bing partnerships with Facebook and Twitter will pay off […] Bing integration with Xbox and Kinect will help   We suspect a deeper reach in mobile and tablets.

Google fears Bing enough that it will pay Mozilla nearly $1 billion over the next three years to remain the default search engine on Firefox. Google wouldn’t pay that money if it didn’t recognize that Bing was a formidable competitor.”  Why  not?  Microsoft has deep pockets so eventually positioning on the internet even the giants of the internet, fall back to who can pay more for the space, the ultimate positioning.

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