What Is Search?

Is it all going to be free forever?


After I read the interview of Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the OS, GNU, I started thinking he had it right.

How many Gmail addresses do you have? Sure it’s free but his point about being tied in to what would eventually be proprietary systems I will have to use. Google offers a tremendous amount of free software. In fact it is a lot cheaper to use Google than it is to buy into Microsoft. Don’t need nearly the computing power so putting people to work is much less expensive in terms of hardware. Google is perfect for mobility. Also I am disclosing I own Google stock, so hey, I want to see the giant grow bigger.

Concerning the recent revelation about Google picking the brains of our Android phones only shows how big the giant has grown and how detailed those EULA’s we say yes to all the time mean so much more than being just a blur of bullshit we don’t understand. So we check the box, gleefully giving away our firstborn.

Maybe Rischard Stallman is right. All that information, all that power, it’s not bad, it just probably should not be your only repository for, well, all your data.

What was that story about eggs and a basket?