Limited Use PPC Strategy #1

We are starting an ongoing series concerning purchasing what types of search,
when, how long, and all those ideas that effect your budget.

So here we are, Strategy #1 [You Were Here In The Beginning]
Limited Use PPC – Don’t Bust The Budget
White Hat Methods

SEO is no secret but it is work if you are going to be White Hat about what you do.
The following ideas and assumptions are general and may differ for your business.
This strategy is only intended to help you create your own.

PPC is a great way to start the ball rolling if you can invest the cash.
It is highly doubtful you will gain ROI because I only suggest 1-2 months.
Three if you were in Vegas and did well.  You might see ROI in 4-6 months
if you used a coupon or redemption strategy with the PPC campaign and had
a redemption date that exceeded the campaign by weeks, not months.

If the keywords are ranging .10 to $5.00 be prepared to spend up to $6k for PPC ,
on the low side and depending on what you do but it would not make sense to spend less $$$.

While that is happening visit, and click on the SEO Tool Store.
Pump up your organic positioning with videos, unique social bookmarking with Do Follow,
follow up with the list log in to your accounts and upload, upload, write, write.

Spin text, get a couple of blogs going, spin text.  Your busy. Come back to The SEO Tool Store
and get your blogs into the Carnival.  At 3-4 months with blogging daily you should have very
good positioning and it will be organic.

Just make sure you spend time on your keywords and then your domain in the beginning.
A good foundation can grow a big tree.

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