Hot Hot Hot!

BizBlossom is a great place for startups.  Not because BizBlossom has a long history on the web.  It’s the idea that’s hot.  A resource for small business to get deals, articles in several categories and have access to other members offering services.

I am hot on spots like this for several reasons.  To a degree, startups should band together. BizBlossom does that.
If you have no links on the web and getting no traffic than a site like BizBlossom is prime to meet others in the same “boat”.

LinkedIn does the same but LinkedIn is a salesman’s pot of gold.  A spot where you can pitch thousands without leaving your front porch, getting in your car and driving for hours.  LinkedIn is a bit like fishing.  Yesterday I posted and got 17 viewers to my site within 15 minutes.  Now that’s fishing without dynamite.  Posted at my sweet time which works every time.

At BizBlossom you do not have to worry about a ‘sweet time” to post.  The authors and users are there to help anytime.  Commenting can be easier since the pressure to connect is different.

It’s also another spot to leave a coupon code, offer and fish for suggestions.  The folks at BizBlossom check the BizBargains and Products and Services section looking for deals.  Instead of getting into a money-loosing proposition at Groupon, LivingSocial or others, try attracting new clients at small business resource sites like BizBlossom.  You have a waiting audience.

Posting at small business sites should not seem strange or useless. In fact you should start realizing that this is SEO.  Simply put search engine optimization is all about putting your company name in as many places as possible.  Tell me, how else can a search engine find you?

Join me and others posting business deals and more on BizBlossom.  Hey, this could really be a great deal!  In fact, I post coupon codes there!

Get them while it’s HOT HOT HOT!

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