This is a great site to do basic SEO & content marketing that will definitely get you ranked organically. These tools are good for Google and you. Content makes the web work and gets your ranked higher as you deliver more original content to the web. Not duplicated content, original. Even if you have 3 websites and you want to post the same at all three-DON’T DO IT!

Google will see that as duplication. Not good. can create content for you and distribute according to the level you choose.

Take advantage of their sales that happen at least once a month.

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SEO vs. Advertising

SEO is not advertising and advertising is not search engine optimization. They can and should work together to be part of your overall strategy using content and doing content marketing. What is content? Information that is of value. Tips, hints, industry news and how you fit in, peppered with info about your company and services.

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Free SEO Tools

Brought to you by the

The is a suite of aggregated tools to give you a solid organic status for search engine optimization. Our tools lay the groundwork for a scaffold you can easily grow. Scale up your efforts with social media, videos and articles. Take hold of your digital future.  Coupon Code: 139AJ


Business Promotion OnlineThese free agregated SEO tools will give you a new insight into your reach across the web.
Use these tools in combination with the tools to bolster those areas your site that need exposure to buyers.

-Find out what your reach is on Twitter

Find and connect to new contacts. Lead generation. Learn the demographics of your followers.

Social Mention
Find out who is talking to you across the universe.

Domain Hunter Plus
Link checker plus to check for broken links but also find relevant links. Google likes that.

Chrome Add on for social site metrics.

Strategy Generator Tool
Google spreadsheet with built-in macros to reveal information about blog posts.

Export Twitter Followers
Using a Google Doc export your Twitter followers using the Twitter API. Check your data.
Find other relevant websites for backlinks. Simply type in a URL.

Look for the opportunity to Guest Blog. Get your brand out on blogs with your commentary

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The impressed me with it’s array of tools.
If you have a small business you are trying to promote, most businesses will hire a firm. That gets pretty expensive. You can expect to pay $250. a month and have a commitment to a contract. After the signing the contract the business owner still has work to educating the company they just hired.

Where Do You Spend Your Budget?

Typically when you hire an SEO company you are doing so because you think what they do is boogie-woogie. You just don’t get it. So you wind up hiring a company to promote your business. You sign a 6 or 12 month contract and you start to pay $250 a month. Depending on your business, the type of promotion you approve, you will get some ranking. Depending on many factors you may even grab the first spot on Google. Whoopee. The question you need to ask is, “Did the process make any conversions or a significant increase in traffic?”


There are many SEO companies around the world. If you are going to hire one, be sure to hire a local company. For instance if you live in Los Angeles, you would not want to hire a company in the UK, India or South America. Yes, they may even be from your area working in a different country. Beside possibly living in a very different culture than L.A., you still ask yourself how much they do no know about your local area. Good question. You have to educate them. That really never made sense to me. Hiring local to advertise local is just plain smart. They know local customs, attitudes, phrases that you may not remember to tell a foreign SEO company. Beside, being local gives you a chance to invite them in to your business, understand what you do and your product.


It sure does, an amazing amount of time. All you wanted to do was give the job to someone else. You find yourself being taken away from what you do best, sell your product.

It was a pleasant surprise. Finally a website that was simple to do my own search engine optimization. SEO was not boogie-woogie anymore. I could see that I just had to take the language of my business and fill in the forms to accomplish what SEO companies had complicated for me in the past. It was easy to do my own SEO.

I even used copy that was in my brochure. It was original and was spot on to what my business did. All I did was fill in the forms for different products on the site. They have article marketing, directory submissions, social bookmarking, foreign directory submissions, classified marketing and even press releases. SEO Tool Store has some great business promotion tools. Interestingly they do not have ranking tools, meta keyword tools or they typical SEO reporting tools that are usually membership only tools. Looks like the is just interested in providing the tools and let you check ranking and reporting at other SEO sites.

So when your going to promote a new product think of the for their business promotion tools. I was impressed and received solid organic results after using one or two tools a month. I did not have to teach anybody about my business. I just had to fill in the forms. Easy SEO.

Be sure to watch their video at the top of this article. They have a coupon code at the end.

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Business Search News

Great article.

What Is Search?

Google Places search results – Description removed to make room for search+your world?

“It seems that the missing Places description noted first by Mathew Hunt yesterday is the new normal at least for a day or two. […]

I don’t think this is the final show there is an interesting trend in the Chrome screen shots …. it appears that they are attempting to create adequate space in the local results for the many artifacts of produced by Search Plus Your World.”

Google vs. the world

“According to a top Google lawyer, ‘Google’s leadership does not care terribly much about precedent or law’ per Stephen Levy’s book In The Plex. That very rare scofflaw attitude, combined with the vast amount of evidence cataloged below, strongly suggests Google is not the innocent victim it claims to be, but a dominant perpetrator of systematic violations of law around the globe.”

Search engine…

View original post 65 more words

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Custom Medical Stock PHoto

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BizBlossom is a great place for startups.  Not because BizBlossom has a long history on the web.  It’s the idea that’s hot.  A resource for small business to get deals, articles in several categories and have access to other members offering services.

I am hot on spots like this for several reasons.  To a degree, startups should band together. BizBlossom does that.
If you have no links on the web and getting no traffic than a site like BizBlossom is prime to meet others in the same “boat”.

LinkedIn does the same but LinkedIn is a salesman’s pot of gold.  A spot where you can pitch thousands without leaving your front porch, getting in your car and driving for hours.  LinkedIn is a bit like fishing.  Yesterday I posted and got 17 viewers to my site within 15 minutes.  Now that’s fishing without dynamite.  Posted at my sweet time which works every time.

At BizBlossom you do not have to worry about a ‘sweet time” to post.  The authors and users are there to help anytime.  Commenting can be easier since the pressure to connect is different.

It’s also another spot to leave a coupon code, offer and fish for suggestions.  The folks at BizBlossom check the BizBargains and Products and Services section looking for deals.  Instead of getting into a money-loosing proposition at Groupon, LivingSocial or others, try attracting new clients at small business resource sites like BizBlossom.  You have a waiting audience.

Posting at small business sites should not seem strange or useless. In fact you should start realizing that this is SEO.  Simply put search engine optimization is all about putting your company name in as many places as possible.  Tell me, how else can a search engine find you?

Join me and others posting business deals and more on BizBlossom.  Hey, this could really be a great deal!  In fact, I post coupon codes there!

Get them while it’s HOT HOT HOT!

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Over 200,000 me…

Over 200,000 medical and scientific stock photos and illustrations for license to use in your medical or health care advertising or editorial project.

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Custom Medical Stock Photo

Over 200,000 medical and scientific stock photos and illustrations for license to use in your medical or health care advertising or editorial project.

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Limited Use PPC Strategy #1

We are starting an ongoing series concerning purchasing what types of search,
when, how long, and all those ideas that effect your budget.

So here we are, Strategy #1 [You Were Here In The Beginning]
Limited Use PPC – Don’t Bust The Budget
White Hat Methods

SEO is no secret but it is work if you are going to be White Hat about what you do.
The following ideas and assumptions are general and may differ for your business.
This strategy is only intended to help you create your own.

PPC is a great way to start the ball rolling if you can invest the cash.
It is highly doubtful you will gain ROI because I only suggest 1-2 months.
Three if you were in Vegas and did well.  You might see ROI in 4-6 months
if you used a coupon or redemption strategy with the PPC campaign and had
a redemption date that exceeded the campaign by weeks, not months.

If the keywords are ranging .10 to $5.00 be prepared to spend up to $6k for PPC ,
on the low side and depending on what you do but it would not make sense to spend less $$$.

While that is happening visit, and click on the SEO Tool Store.
Pump up your organic positioning with videos, unique social bookmarking with Do Follow,
follow up with the list log in to your accounts and upload, upload, write, write.

Spin text, get a couple of blogs going, spin text.  Your busy. Come back to The SEO Tool Store
and get your blogs into the Carnival.  At 3-4 months with blogging daily you should have very
good positioning and it will be organic.

Just make sure you spend time on your keywords and then your domain in the beginning.
A good foundation can grow a big tree.

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