Where are the eyeballs –going?

New eye-tracking study: people ignore ads on the right

“Approximately 90% of participants looked at the sponsored results above the organic results in each search task. […]

Fewer participants looked at the sponsored results on the right side of the page – only 28% of participants looked at these results on Google and 21% on Bing. […]

100% of participants looked at the organic search results in each search.”


Ha, organic still the best way to go.

Still worth creating a great organic search response with lots of page results you own.

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Business Search News

Google Places search results – Description removed to make room for search+your world?

“It seems that the missing Places description noted first by Mathew Hunt yesterday is the new normal at least for a day or two. […]

I don’t think this is the final show there is an interesting trend in the Chrome screen shots …. it appears that they are attempting to create adequate space in the local results for the many artifacts of produced by Search Plus Your World.”

Google vs. the world

“According to a top Google lawyer, ‘Google’s leadership does not care terribly much about precedent or law’ per Stephen Levy’s book In The Plex. That very rare scofflaw attitude, combined with the vast amount of evidence cataloged below, strongly suggests Google is not the innocent victim it claims to be, but a dominant perpetrator of systematic violations of law around the globe.”

Search engine newslets

  • 67% of Google+ users are male.
  • 62% of restaurant searches on Valentines’s day were mobile.
  • Search engine DuckDuckGo.com has 1,000,000 searches a day.
  • Patent: how Google might filter blog posts from Google blog search.
  • New Google enhanced ad sitelinks offer more real estate to top ads.
  • Google.com appointed as malware by Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Google’s Schmidt to sell stock worth $1.5 billion.


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Is it all going to be free forever?

After I read the interview of Richard Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the OS, GNU, I started thinking he had it right.

How many Gmail addresses do you have? Sure it’s free but his point about being tied in to what would eventually be proprietary systems I will have to use. Google offers a tremendous amount of free software. In fact it is a lot cheaper to use Google than it is to buy into Microsoft. Don’t need nearly the computing power so putting people to work is much less expensive in terms of hardware. Google is perfect for mobility. Also I am disclosing I own Google stock, so hey, I want to see the giant grow bigger.

Concerning the recent revelation about Google picking the brains of our Android phones only shows how big the giant has grown and how detailed those EULA’s we say yes to all the time mean so much more than being just a blur of bullshit we don’t understand. So we check the box, gleefully giving away our firstborn.

Maybe Rischard Stallman is right. All that information, all that power, it’s not bad, it just probably should not be your only repository for, well, all your data.

What was that story about eggs and a basket?

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Bing will bong Google in 2012?

Microsoft’s Bing to gain ground against Google in 2012

Google delivers most of the search out and doing a great job. Recently numbers are showing
“Bing recently became the second most popular search site on the Internet, but is still far behind to Google. Here are three reasons Bing will narrow that gap in 2012.
Bing partnerships with Facebook and Twitter will pay off […] Bing integration with Xbox and Kinect will help   We suspect a deeper reach in mobile and tablets.

Google fears Bing enough that it will pay Mozilla nearly $1 billion over the next three years to remain the default search engine on Firefox. Google wouldn’t pay that money if it didn’t recognize that Bing was a formidable competitor.”  Why  not?  Microsoft has deep pockets so eventually positioning on the internet even the giants of the internet, fall back to who can pay more for the space, the ultimate positioning.

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Keep Doing What Works

The world is moving through shock after-shock, new shock and it’s becoming frequent. I am not sure we’re all adjusting but one result is for sure, it’s harder to be seen within what is quickly becoming the “white noise” of news and advertising. We get knocked by the media all the time. Watch screen-in-screen and expand an ever increasing appetite for media through several devices. When we are bored or even think we want to be bored we watch our little screens. Head to YouTube, stop in at Facebook and Tweet a little and a little there.

So it seems to me standing out is a little harder but forces you get more creative. I recently talked to a client about changing their deals. They have always given one extra widget, or 25% off the whole widget supply. We talked about changing it up completely and there was a sincere interest and agreed to head in that direction.

My own opinion is keep those deals changing. It’s eye candy. When we want to feel good, we shop. We don’t want to see the same old deals. Give me something new every day, every week, every month, whatever. Keep it new. It is the freshness of the campaign, the newness that sparks interest. Too many times we find ourselves getting sedate with advertising. That same old campaign produces results but hey, nothing monumental. Without some experimentation there is no way to know if you can squeeze the numbers and get a little more action.


Think out of the box. Things change. What were normal internet techiques five years ago are dead. Think new, beyond the box.

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Future Technology That Will Effect the Web

Once every so often a technology or research comes along that you know will
have an impact on the web.  My belief, this is big.

The good folks and scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
in Munich, the Charité hospital in Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for
Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig are learning how to
analyse dream content.  Of course for basic research but it does not
take a wunderkind to figure out where this helps in marketing to all of
our deep desires.

fMRI, CMSP.com, medical discoveries
[Photo Link: Courtesy CMSP.com
Steeped in possibilities to map and revitalize vision in individuals, Jack Gallant of
the University of California, Berkeley is using f-MRI to map vision data and then
his group matched data from the f-MRI to footage that matched closely to the
f-MRI data patterns to represent a visual connection of seeing into ones inner
visions and thought.  Dreams next? Homicide victims? Abuse cases?
Really great marketing that, feels right?


I can hear the wheels grinding, the thoughts from the reader about what
this new technology means.  How would you use it?

That’s it for 5-Minute SEO



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What Is Search

What is Search – Removing ambivalence about offers.
In the crush of coupons rousing more revenue some offers are passed up – why?

At some point you look at the Grateful Dead and think, wow what a great marketing machine even before the internet was even a word. Even before the word “fax” was a verb.

The obvious question why, while the obvious answer is they gave their audience what they wanted – a good time that was relevant.  Years later it still works, although varied a bit, those long concerts have turned into loyalty programs and other customer appreciation programs from award mileage to stamps when you buy a hamburger.

Find what drives your customer loyalty. For some it may be the voice that greets them on the phone, for others it may be the easy billing process. Whatever may be the catalyst, you need to find it and expand on it’s premise. In the end, it’s not about how many concerts you play but how long you boogied.

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